2016 / 2017 Overview

Your Impact

Behind every changed life is someone who makes it happen. That someone is you.

Tracking your gifts in our community

Your donation is the mentor for the child who needs one, the meals at the community kitchen up the street, and the accessible activity that keeps seniors lively. We help kids be all they can be, move families from poverty to possibility, and help seniors live in healthy communities.


  • 2,000 after-school programs
  • 4,700 mentors
  • 40,000 kids helped
  • 22 food security programs
  • 1.4 million snacks/meals served
  • 74,000 families helped
  • 121 seniors' programs
  • 3,000 volunteers
  • 58,000 seniors helped
This is where your investment went, now see the difference it made.

You’re helping kids run, read and succeed

Kids aged 6-12 need support to make healthy choices, especially during the crucial after-school hours. In fact, most youth crime occurs between 3 and 6pm, when some kids have nowhere to go and no adult supervision. This is when your gifts spring into action!

This year United Way donors supported the Run and Read program at Qayqayt Elementary in New Westminster, providing kids like Nicolas with an ideal combination of physical activity, a healthy snack, and quiet time to read. Now Nicolas and his friends will grow up to be great, with a higher probability of graduating and succeeding in life.

This year 50 kids like Nicolas participated in the Run and Read program, while over 40,000 other kids accessed United Way-supported after-school programs across the Lower Mainland.

Ten years ago only 50% of local kids were enrolled in an after-school activity. Now it’s 85%. This is because of United Way and donors like you.

Kids burn off some energy at the Run and Read program

“Everybody gets to have fun, no matter what differences there are between the people.” - Nicolas, Run and Read program participant

Kids show off their A,B,Cs at the United Way Avenues of Change launch in Strathcona

“Donors are keeping our kids safe. They’re keeping our families safe. They’re keeping the single moms having hope, having some place to go.” - Patricia, parent of children in the Strathcona Avenues of Change initiative

Your investments expanded Avenues of Change to Strathcona with amazing results

Patricia started attending a United Way-supported agency in 2010, bringing her then two-year-old son Hayden to daycare. After a separation and painful family loss, programs you made possible at this East Vancouver neighbourhood hub helped her forge her own path forward. Now Patricia is focused on finishing school to become a community service worker, and is even serving on the agency’s Board of Directors.

Patricia’s story illustrates how vulnerable kids and their families need tailor-made strategies specific to where they live. This is the idea behind the United Way Avenues of Change initiative. Thanks to your support, this year Avenues of Change expanded into Strathcona. Here 1 in 3 kids under 6 live in a low-income household.

This year over 2,400 children like Hayden were connected to life-changing supports through Avenues of Change Strathcona, the kinds of resources that changed the future for Patricia and her kids. 

Your gifts get amazing results. In part because of our ongoing investments in this community, including initiatives like Avenues of Change, child vulnerability in Strathcona has dropped 25%.

Your support turns life around for seniors at risk

Jack was a successful businessman, until he lost his business, his car, his housing and his health, all at once. Once he stabilized in hospital, Jack had nowhere to go. Then he found a Seniors Safe House, supported by you, where he could put the pieces of his life back together. He made social connections, accessed financial resources, improved his life skills and secured housing. Now he is fully independent again. Without this program, he doesn't’ think he’d be alive today.

The Seniors Safe House where Jack found shelter and rebuilt a healthy life is supported by one of 28 Seniors Active Aging grants, made possible by you. This year close to 60,000 seniors participated in programs that kept them active and engaged, from connecting First Nations elders in Prince George, to an intergenerational bee garden in Duncan, to the activities at the Seniors Safe House that helped Jack stay active as he recovered from life-altering illness and trauma. 

Our community partners notice amazing changes in the seniors they serve. Seniors enjoy increased physical activity, socialization, and knowledge of community resources; they’re even more politically and socially engaged! 

Seniors enjoy a hot lunch and bingo at Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House

“I appreciate the opportunity to get out of the house and be with other people.” - senior served by a Seniors Active Aging program

We’re all in this together

You played an important role in these successes. And you weren't alone.

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